Tips on How to Lose Weight after Delivery


Well, your newborn is here, and the last thing you have on your weary mind is probably going on a diet and exercising every day. No one blames you, but there have been numerous studies done that say if you have gained over the pounds that your doctors advised and have gained a larger volume of weight, then it could pose serious health problems down the road so pursuing to lose weight after delivery could help ward off future problems.


Take the time to enjoy your baby for the first six to eight weeks. If you are breast feeding, you may see one or two pounds magically shed off your body per week. Please note that you also require an extra five hundred or so calories just to maintain your milk production, so breast feeding is not really a diet per say. When your general practitioner tells you to go back to normal eating and exercising, usually after six to eight weeks postpartum, you can start to think about dieting and exercise.


Breastfeeding for Postpartum Weight Loss


We have all seen the celebrities and friends who have had a baby and after breastfeeding their gained baby-weight was gone and even sometimes weighed less than before pregnancy. If you are one of the individuals who can do this as a post pregnancy diet, then more power to you, but please keep in mind as soon as you taper off breastfeeding or add solids to your babies food intake, taper off on the calories you ingest or you could end up packing on the pounds.


Get Moving


While baby is still little, you have many more options on how, when and where you exercise, so get them packed up and out the door. You can take them on a run in a stroller or a carrier on your stomach, or you can even take them to a gym that provides day care to infants. No matter what type of exercise routine you choose to lose weight after delivery, just choose one you can stick to and not get bored.


Must Eat Balanced and Scheduled


Do not skip meals thinking that it is how to lose weight fast; it will only wear you down and possibly have the direct opposite effect. You are already deprived of sleep, so you need a balanced diet full of healthy foods like vegetables, fruits and major proteins to boost your metabolism and keep you fuller longer.


Weight loss after delivery is a hard thing to do and gaining a support group of friends and family members who know your struggles and emotional state will help you get on with it. They will be there to lean on and give you guidance and assurance as you go down the long road of weight loss after baby.