How to lose weight after pregnancy while breastfeeding

You are not alone if you are wondering about how to lose weight after pregnancy while breastfeeding. Many mothers are anxious to return to their pre-pregnancy shape as soon as they start breastfeeding. Some women believe that you start losing weight as soon as you start breastfeeding while others think you can’t return to your former shape while breastfeeding. Both are total misconceptions amongst new mothers.

Breastfeeding and caring for the baby are time-consuming, but with some adjustment to your daily routine, you can find a safe weight loss program that suits your schedule and meets your child’s needs.

Eat smaller and more frequent meals

A nursing mother should never take in less than 1, 700 calories per day. Starving yourself is a bad idea and dangerous when recovering from childbirth and nursing your baby. When you’re feeling hungry, you’re more tempted to eat something you shouldn’t. Instead, spread your calories out over six mini-meals over the day.

Eating treats such as nuts, carrots, and apple between meals is a great way to prevent hunger. Nursing mom doesn’t have enough free time so it is advisable to prepare healthy snacks in advance at your spare time.

Plan long term weight loss

Don’t rush things, see your weight loss plan as a long time of healthy lifestyle instead of rushing to lose weight immediately. Remember that you didn’t gain the weight in a month or two. It took a course of nine months to add up. You have to take it easy on yourself and of course the baby. Don’t get discouraged if your weight loss comes as fast as you hoped.

Eat healthy and nutritious food

Eat food rich in protein, iron, and calcium instead of those high in fats and sugar contents. Foods rich in protein are very important because they will keep you filled for longer than those with empty calories. Don’t eat food that is processed or a simple carbohydrate such as white rice, bread, candy, and cookies. Nutritious food will help you lose weight without sacrificing your nutritional status.

Work in exercise

An exercise as simple as power walking can result in quick and efficient weight loss. There are several fun ways to stay active. Wait for eight weeks before starting a serious workout plan. If you are planning a strenuous workout, eat healthy carbohydrate about 30 minutes before you exercise. Eat foods like starchy vegetable or baked potato before running. It will help to prevent a decrease in milk supply.

Get enough sleep

Ideally, the body requires between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night. This is actually difficult for nursing mothers who would have to nurse their baby over the night. Getting enough sleep is, however, important when you want to lose weight.

A way to get enough rest for breastfeeding mother is to nap while the baby sleeps. Also when you have family members or friend around, have them look after your baby for few hours while you sleep.